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    Waldorf Academy Childcare Centre

    Nestled beneath the majestic charm of Casa Loma on Spadina Rd, the Waldorf Academy Childcare Centre is a second home for young children, where our teachers foster an environment that is safe, nurturing and encourages exploration of the natural world. The Waldorf philosophy is based upon an unhurried approach that respects childhood as the foundation for the future.

    Read more about our approach: Childcare Mission Statement

    Founded in the fall of 2008, the Waldorf Academy Childcare Centre shares the grounds with Waldorf Academy, an independent non-profit, accredited Waldorf elementary school.

    We offer:

    • A Waldorf philosophy and program
    • RECE teachers and Waldorf mentoring and training
    • Ontario licensed Childcare centre
    • Toddlers (18 mos to 2 ½ years)
    • Preschoolers (2 ½ to 4 years)
    • Three natural playgrounds and a covered front porch
    • Access to Spadina House grounds
    • Open; 8 am to 5:30 pm
    • Healthy snacks and lunches are organic where feasible
    • Festivals and Birthday Celebrations
    • Student and community activities with the main school



    Toddlers 18 mos to 2 ½ years
    (Accepting Applications for Limited Spaces)

    From the time your baby is napping only once each day, eating independently at the table with others, and socially aware of the older children’s group, they are ready to join the toddler group. Our program consists of a predictable rhythm filled with song and beautiful activities that bring joy and goodness to the children’s day. The toddlers spend time outdoors – twice each day for an hour in the morning and again in the afternoon.  The toddler group can be up to 12 children with three teachers.

    Pre school 2 ½ to 4 years
    (Accepting Applications for Limited Spaces)

    Imaginative play is a central learning experience for the pre-schooler. As the children grow so too do their emotional, cognitive and physical capacities. Vigorous language arts, natural science and math curriculum, imaginative free play, robust outdoor play, arts and crafts are all part of the weekly rhythm. Teacher student ratios are 1:8


    Ample time and space for imagination

    Play is the central core of the Waldorf early childhood program. Children develop a capacity for creative thinking, problem solving abilities, and social skills through imaginative play and free exploration. Creative play develops social awareness as the children learn to play together, cooperate, manage conflict and develop friendships. Dramatic play fosters early literacy development and a rich vocabulary.


    Caring environments that nourish the senses

    The rooms are warm, colourful, cared-for and filled with nature’s beauty and variety. A place where children can let their imagination roam while feeling assured and protected. Simple natural materials encourage children to form their own games, stories and build structures. The rooms and outdoor environment provide varied and challenging physical activities to increase proprioception and balance.


    Relationships based on love, respect and care for each child as unique in body, soul and spirit

    As Waldorf early childhood educators, one of our primary goals is to teach by example. A Waldorf teacher’s actions must be worthy of imitation and filled with purposeful joy. We must be consciously aware of the quality of our movements, speech and mood because we will see the children mirror for us what we have presented to them as it emerges in their actions and play.

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    Admissions Process — Toddler and Preschool:

    1. Complete registration form for waitlist
    2. Will be informed of available space 1-2 months in advance
    3. Upon acceptance will receive an acceptance letter, contract and fee schedule
    4. Meeting arranged with teacher and transition plan

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